Life Sentence for Stoddard County Sex Offender

Today, April 22, 2019, David Madsen was sentenced in Stoddard County Case No: 18SD-CR01274-01 to life imprisonment for the crime of Statutory Rape in the First Degree by Presiding Circuit Judge Robert N. Mayer. 

Madsen was previously found guilty by a Stoddard County jury on February 14, 2019.  The jury deliberated for 15 minutes before reaching their verdict of guilty. 

Stoddard County Prosecutor Russ Oliver stated “We are very pleased with the sentence handed down by Judge Mayer. It is a very appropriate disposition given the Defendant’s status as a registered sex offender prior to the commission of this new sexual crime against a child. Due to the sensitive nature of this crime and to protect the identity of the victim, no further statement concerning this case will be made by the Office of Prosecuting Attorney”

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