It’s up to Missouri voters now

By Lara Trump

The campaign season is almost over, but if you don’t get out to vote on November 6th, all the political ads and over-the-top partisan rhetoric you’ve endured over the last few months will have been for nothing.

When I met with voters in Kansas City recently, it was clear that many of them are getting tired of hearing the same campaign ads over and over again on the radio while they drive to work, or on TV as they try to unwind at night. But they’re all committed to staying engaged all the way through Election Day, because they realize that the entire country is depending on them to keep the vaunted “blue wave” down to a trickle.

High-priced political strategists and media spin doctors may spend millions of dollars and countless hours trying to influence your vote, but only you have the power to cast your ballot on Election Day — and that’s exactly what my father-in-law needs you to do.

The entire America First agenda is at stake — from the roaring economy to America’s renewed respect in the eyes of the world — and it can only continue if the people go out and vote for Republican candidates.

While you’re hard at work each day, the Democrats and their media allies are actively working to undermine our country. On November 6th, you get the chance to make sure they don’t succeed.

President Trump has done more for the American people in less than two years than most presidents are able to do in two full terms. The people have taken notice, and that’s why we’re seeing Republican turnout on the rise across the country in early voting.

Lara TrumpUnemployment is at its lowest level in decades, GDP growth continues to exceed 3 percent, and my father-in-law’s historic tax cuts are giving people more freedom to spend their money on themselves and their families.

America is also a safer place than it was before President Trump took office. Our enemies fear us again, competitors respect us again, and allies appreciate us again.

Meanwhile, the President is showing America’s trade partners that they can no longer take advantage of us, and one by one they’re coming to the table to negotiate free trade deals that are fair to American workers.

The biggest threat to our nation’s recent progress is complacency. If we don’t treat the midterms with the same urgency as we did the 2016 presidential election, the obstructionists will be able to bring America’s resurgence to a screeching halt.

The mainstream media did everything they could to rig the election in 2016, even trying to suppress turnout by touting polls predicting that Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. They’re at it again with a new barrage of fake news about a “blue wave,” hoping to persuade voters to stay home.

They want to prey on the heartland of America by highlighting polls that are either outdated or downright biased in favor of Democrats — especially here in Missouri.

Those underhanded tactics didn’t work on the people of Missouri in 2016, and after meeting with voters myself during my visit to Kansas City last week, I’m confident that they’ll fail in 2018, too, so long as my father-in-law’s supporters recognize just how much their votes matter.

If the Democrats take back control of Congress this November, President Trump will still be in Washington, but with one hand tied behind his back by the very people who created the problems that we sent him there to fix in the first place.

Democrats will do everything they can to destroy the America First agenda because they hate what it stands for, especially the idea that the United States is exceptional in any way.

Keep that in mind the morning of November 6th and help my father-in-law continue to make this country the best it can possibly be. Get out and vote!

Lara Trump is a Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and President Trump’s daughter-in-law.

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