RELEASE: Governor Greitens announces new recovery funding for the city of Malden

Governor Eric Greitens, in partnership with the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) announced that the City of Malden will receive more than $150,000 to help recover from a tornado that hit the city in February.

Governor Greitens visited Malden earlier this year to visit those impacted by the devastating tornado. He thanked first responders and others working to recover.

“When a tornado struck Southeast Missouri, we told the rest of the state about a resilient community that remained unbroken in the face of danger and damage,” said Governor Greitens. “We wanted you to know that we’re still with you, helping to rebuild and repair what you’ve lost. We want the state to know that the people of Malden are tough, and we know they’ll rebuild and rise up twice as strong.”

The Delta Regional Authority approved $75,000 in funding which will be used to help Malden rebuild their municipal electric system including electric poles and cables, labor, equipment, and purchase of a backup generator.

In addition, the Bootheel Regional Planning Commission worked with the city to submit an Emergency Community Development Block Grant application through which the Missouri Department of Economic Development approved $79,250. This funding assistance will help with debris removal and the initial electrical line repair.

“This investment aligns with DRA’s primary goal of investing in infrastructure that supports growth in Delta communities and demonstrates our agency’s ability to act quickly to help communities when they need it most,” said Peter Kinder, alternate federal co-chairman of DRA. “The City of Malden and entire area has come together in the wake of the tornado to rebuild, clearly demonstrating a resilient community spirit.”

“We appreciate funding from DRA and state, who understood how important it is for us to take care of our community first in our recovery efforts,” Malden Mayor Denton Kooyman said.

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